Library Access Service

NCBI’s Library Access Service supports individuals of all ages with sight loss to access reading materials in a large variety of accessible formats. NCBI’s Library Access Service offers titles both by post and available for digital download.
The Library Access Service additionally offers production services, with the facility hosting both recording studios, and a braille production unit.
For more information on the Library Access Service, please contact the Library Access Service Manager, Lina Kouzi on 01 8642266 or via email:

Braille & Alternative Formats

Our Reading Services transcribe nearly 6,000 educational titles for 900+ students in alternative formats (braille, large print, 3D, and tactile).
We work closely with the visitng teacher service and our students are represented nationally, attending mainstream and special schools across the Republic of Ireland with over 65% attending primary education.
The majority of our students access their educational material through large print but there a continuous rise in the numbers requesting digital formats. This is very much in line with trends in mainstream education. There has also been a rise in recent years in the number of students accessing education through Braille, both in hard copy and through advances in assistive technology, enabling more choices for students to trial new formats.
For further information contact
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