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Our four member organisations provide a range of services for people with sight-loss and who may have other disabilities.   Some of the services are specialist and are provided by only one organisation. For example, only Irish Guide Dogs train dogs for people throughout the country, whereas orientation and mobility training for people with sight-loss is provided by NCBI, ChildVision and Irish Guide Dogs.  This directory of services from VISPA aims to bring together all the services in one place so that users or their families can view and easily access information about services that might benefit them and improve their quality of life.
We have categorised the services into three age groups, based on our experience and knowledge of what people are looking for. We also indicate whether a service is provided nationally,  regionally, or at local level by an organisation.  In some instances, due to limited resources and facilities, or sometimes through low demand, the service is provided from one location and people will have to travel to access the service.
VISPA members are looking at how and where we can expand the provision of services through collaborating and customising a service where the demand exists – our multi-disciplinary teams could then travel to different regional locations for a period of time to provide a particular service e.g. vision assessment and referrals.
Some of our members are looking to provide some services on-line or via phone e.g. telephone counselling service from Fighting Blindness or a pilot service on Clinical Assessment by qualified professionals through video-link online from Childvision.
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