Insight Counselling

Coping with sight loss can be difficult. There are often strong emotions that follow on from a diagnosis. Anxiety, frustration, fear, anger and depression are some of the feelings expressed by those affected by sight loss.
It is a very normal reaction and most people experience some level of discomfort. It can be helpful in such circumstances to talk to a professional counsellor in order to receive support and guidance.
The Fighting Blindness Insight Counselling and Support Service is a free and confidential service for everyone affected by sight loss. It offers:
  • Individual sessions
  • Couple and family support
  • Support group meetings.
The service is available in Dublin and Cork. Fighting Blindness also offers a telephone counselling service for those who live outside of these areas or are unable to travel.
If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please contact Fighting Blindness on 01 674 6496 or email

Counselling and Peer Support

NCBI offers one-to-one counselling and family counselling to anyone affected by sight loss, both in person and by telephone. Counselling services are available nationally.
NCBI provides a number of day and residential events for young people (aged 12 – 18) which have a strong focus on peer support, networking and learning independence skills through physical, social and leisure activities. These events are run via NCBI Centres nationally.
NCBI additionally provides a number of early year support groups for parents and families in Dublin with a focus on child development and peer support for parents/carers with young children (aged 0-5), including courses such as ‘Preschool Readiness’ (age 2.5 – 3.5)
In addition to counselling, NCBI hosts a wide range of peer support groups across the Lifecycle.
For more information on counselling and peer support services, please contact NCBI on (01) 830 7033.
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