Information on use of Guide Dogs

Provision of information to all IGDB clients on VI rights, travel facilities, use of guide dogs, etc.

Guide Dogs - Legal & Policy

The law and persons with disabilities

Under the Equal Status Acts 2000 2012 and the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003, accommodation providers, i.e. hotel and guesthouse proprietors, are prohibited from discriminating against persons with disabilities.

Hotel and guesthouse proprietors must make reasonable changes to how their services are provided, where without these changes it would be impossible or unduly difficult for persons with disabilities to avail of those services.

This is known as reasonable accommodation. Hotel and guesthouse proprietors provide reasonable accommodation when they facilitate Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs on their premises while it is assisting its owner.

These obligations also extend to all publicly accessible spaces including pubs, restaurants and theatres. If you would like to know more or to speak directly with us please email

European rules

Under Regulation EC 1107/2006 (Rights of Disabled People when Travelling by Air), European airports must provide assistance to passengers with a disability or reduced mobility. Similarly, airlines must provide assistance to persons with reduced mobility on board the flight.

Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs travel with their owner in the air cabin (free of charge) provided the air carrier, or its agent, or the tour operator has been notified in accordance with applicable national rules.

What Do You Need?

Since 2012, the Pet Passport travel requirements have been harmonised across the EU.

You need to have an EU Pet Passport for your Guide Dog or Assistance Dog certifying its microchip, rabies vaccination and echinococcus tapeworm treatment (the tapeworm treatment is not required when travelling from Ireland, Finland and the UK).

Where Do You Get the EU Pet Passport?

Your veterinary surgeon issues the pet passport to you.

I need more help

If you need more information on any of the above or help on a specific matter please contact Lean Kennedy our Advocacy and Policy Coordinator at: or call us at HQ on 021 4878 200.

Fighting Blindness Advocacy

Through education and advocacy, Fighting Blindness works to empower everyone in Ireland living with vision impairment.
We work in partnership with all stakeholder groups in the areas of health, science, industry and government to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against blindness.
Join our VIP Network
The VIP (Visually Impaired Person’s) Network is a group made up of both people living with vision loss and family members of people living with vision loss. The goal of the VIP Network is to promote and facilitate meaningful engagement and involvement in research and advocacy.
People who join the Network will be contacted about different opportunities such as becoming an ambassador for Fighting Blindness, helping to raise awareness, getting involved in specific projects or campaigns, sharing experience of living with vision loss and getting involved in focus groups and advice meetings.
Members of the VIP Network will receive regular invitations to participate in various opportunities. Some of the activities to date include:
  • Retina International survey
  • Patient Narratives Project Focus Group
  • Patient Narratives Survey
  • Invitation to apply for EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course
  • Fighting Blindness representative on LUAS User Accessibility Group
  • Invitation to apply for IPPOSI-led Patient Education Programme
If you would like to join the VIP Network, please contact
Become a member
Fighting Blindness is a member-led organisation. Membership is open to anyone interested in our work; this includes people who are affected by vision impairment or blindness and their families, supporters and fundraisers, scientists, medical professionals, and the general public. By becoming a member you strengthen our voice and our work.
An active membership helps influence change and enables us to advocate for and support people in Ireland living with sight loss.
You can sign up as a member online here or you can contact 01 6789 004 or
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