At ChildVision we are committed to giving the best possible choices to the children and young people in our care and this includes giving access to learning.
Through our Early years specialist intervention education programme we cater for VI and MDVI children from a few months to 6 years, we offer this service in Dublin and Cork.
Our Education supports allow students with complex medical needs access education adjacent to our campus, on-site nursing, therapeutic intervention, equine therapy and residential term living makes access to their education both possible and greatly enhanced.

Early Years

Our Early years programme is for children from birth to six years.
Children and young people with all levels of low vision attend our Early Years but we also look after children who have a visual impairment and one of many additional disabilities, which we call MDVI (multi disabled visually impaired).
All the children have a diagnosis from an opthalmoogist or optometrist of a visual impairment that cannot be corrected by glasses or lenses, such as a visual acuity of 6/18 or less. We work with every child to help them make the most of what they can do, every day.
Many students attending our service also attend other services such as St. Michael’s House, Laura Lynn, NRH or their own local mainstream education provider.
Following Early Years the little ones go on to main stream primary, our a choice of primary schools offering supports suitable to the needs of the child.
We have an Early Years service in Dublin and Cork.
For further information please contact DRAFT email

Education Supports

ChildVision provides education supports allowing students with complex medical needs access education adjacent to our campus.

These supports include;

  • on-site nursing
  • therapeutic intervention
  • equine therapyresid
  • residential term living
These supports make it possible for so many young people to access to their education and also greatly enhance it.

NCBI Education Services

NCBI supports the concept of an Expanded Core Curriculum for all children in education to achieve learning on all the areas of independence skills including communication & technology, mobility, social skills, and general daily living skills.
For more information on educational supports, please contact NCBI on (01) 830 7033.

Assistive Technology Information and Training

Assistive technology service is provided regionally to all age groups across NCBI’s Lifecycle Model. As part of this service we offer information, demonstration, assessment and training in assistive technology.
NCBI’s Children and Young Person’s Team additionall offers Assistive Technology Training Camps and support sessions for children and teenagers of school age, parents and teachers.
For more information, please contact NCBI on (01) 830 7033.
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