Independent Living Skills

Programmes that teach people with sight-loss and other disabilities the basic skills for independent living where possible and practicable.

Training in independent living skills covers all aspects of home and personal care management such as cooking, communication, cleaning, and organisational skills.
ILS Training is provided in varying intensity levels depending on the needs of the individuals, both a one-to-one and group scenarios. NCBI’s Children and Young Person’s Team host both residential and day camps across the country for children and teenagers (aged 9 – 18) to support Independent Living Skills, Orientation and Mobility and Independent Travel Skills, in addition to training to ‘Prepare for Independence’ (age 10 – 17 years).
Independent Living Skills training is offered individual aged over 18 years via the Working Age Team (nationally) and the National Training Centre (Dublin).
For more information please contact NCBI on (01) 830 7033.
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